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AI in Our Practice

     We are advancing the practice of teleradiology through innovative solutions, including AI solutions, that ensure we are providing the highest quality interpretations, comprehensive client support and prompt physician accessibility for our customers.

     Our use of artificial intelligence (AI) techniques in studying and reporting radiologic images was and still one of the most important features of TelecoRay with the aim of improving the services we provide to our clients and raising the standards of accuracy in our results.

     Taking a look at AI solutions, we would identify AI’s strengths in analyzing visual images. Researchers train the algorithms to better detect potentially dangerous abnormalities, generating faster and more accurate insights to help guide clinicians’ treatment decisions.

     AI adoption is sure to ease the overwhelming workloads impeding the profession, facilitating radiologists to do what they’re best at and perform them better.


Radiology Groups

Whether it’s overnight coverage or daytime support, TelecoRay functions as an extension of your group to help you streamline operations. Even with healthcare models changing, your patients deserve the same great care they’ve come to expect. We believe doctors should spend their time focusing on patient care, and our innovative solutions and team of dedicated radiologists allow that to happen.

  • We are a non-predatory teleradiology partnership committed to helping radiology groups of all sizes remain successful to the greatest extent.
  • We provide customized emergent, non-emergent and sub-specialty services 24/7/365, helping you stay competitive.
  • A managing partner or medical director remains on-call at all times.
  • Our client retention rate is 99% thanks to the services we provide and our frequent performance checks.
  • Fast turnaround times, accurate reads, physician availability and reliable, secure technology.
  • Our commitment to quality and service is unparalleled.

Imaging Centers

You want results. Your patients want answers. TelecoRay delivers both. We provide daytime, evening and sub-specialty support, so you get the information you need while your patients get the care they expect.

  • Consistent, high-quality, sub-specialty reports .
  • Our broad range of radiology sub-specialists instill greater confidence in diagnosis and treatment for clinicians.
  • Image archiving and PACS solutions available.
  • 24/7/365 availability to cover the needs of our customer.
  • Reports are sent in the manner preferred by the customer.


TelecoRay provides top-notch care for your patients during off hours, so your radiology team can work at its best during peak hours. We are advancing the practice of teleradiology through innovative solutions that ensure we are providing the highest quality interpretations, comprehensive client support and prompt physician accessibility for our customers

  • 24/7/365 on-call partner in quality, accuracy and productivity, supported by telecoray radiologists who are officially certified (or eligible).
  • Emergent and non-emergent sub-specialty coverage available.
  • Licensed and actively working in multiple regions.
  • 99.99% IT uptime via fully HIPAA-compliant robust, innovative technology platform.

Mobile Ultrasound

Not all patients can access medical imaging in an imaging center or hospital. TelecoRay provides proven, fast teleradiology services that support mobile medical imaging, complimented by advanced technology that allow us to provide teleradiologists with global connectivity – reading from home or offices all over our region, any time of day or night – increasing patient access tenfold. Now, no matter where you are, you and your patients can get the answers you need.

  • Use our PACS to quickly and easily get set up to send and archive on our robust IT platform
  • Workflow solutions for all forms of mobile/portable ultrasound including general and vascular ultrasound

Breast Imaging

TelecoRay offers dedicated Women’s Imaging radiologists as part of its full-service teleradiology practice. This expanded offering includes image interpretation for:

  • Screening mammograms (2D & 3D) and Breast ultrasounds (US).
  • Providing high-quality, accurate results via a remote tele-enabled team of dedicated Women’s Imaging radiologists.
  • Delivering faster results & turn-around times to patients, resulting in higher patient satisfaction scores and reduced patient anxiety

Subspecialty Services

Subspecialty Services Whether you’re an orthopedic surgeon or neurosurgeon with your own MR, a urologist with your own CT or ultrasound, or even a family practice doctor with your own X-ray unit, our dedicated team of fellowship trained, subspecialty radiologists is ready to deliver.

  • Our small teams of dedicated radiologists get to know your unique reporting preferences and provide you clinically useful, accurate interpretations.
  •  Effortless implementation on our IT platform.
  • Direct access to your patient’s images and reports on our system with your own imaging center log in.
  • Full and seamless technology integration allows for customized experience: images flow directly to TelecoRay radiologists and reports are then sent in the manner preferred by the customer.