Dr. M. Abuhaweij

Radiology Doctor and Founder of the Project

  • A graduate of German universities and hospitals, he is a doctor in diagnostic radiology with nearly thirty years of medical and administrative experience.
  • He holds several certificates in general management of companies and individuals
  • He holds certificate in the field of digital marketing.
  • He holds several certificates and courses in the field of cybersecurity and protecting electronic networks in medical institutions.
  •  He speaks several international languages

Dr. A. Karat

Technical Support Director

  • He is an expert in the field of teleradiology through many years of work in this field.
  • Dr. A. Karat is a Radiologist (MBBS, DMRD, DNB),
  • A Researcher (Ph.D.) in Musculoskeletal Imaging, a Professor, and a Ph.D. Guide.
  • Dr A. Karat holds a post-graduate diploma in Hospital and Health Administration.

CPA. R. Shwemat

Expert in Financial and Electronic Domain

  • Computer and Accounting Technical Support,
  • Long experience in developing and launching entrepreneurial projects,
  • Extensive experience in leadership and business development, sales, and marketing in the field of health care technology.

A. M. Shuqair

Manager of Shuqair Law Firm and Legal Affair

  • Attorney of Legal Affairs,
  • An expert in telehealth laws,
  • Consultant of medical errors field,
  • Expert in Domain of security and confidentiality of information for patients.