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To provide superior patient care by giving reporting radiologists a powerful platform and imaging delivery system that enables efficient and effective diagnosis.

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Communication and community are part of our practice. Our radiologists and staff are working harmoniously with each other, with our clients and with the larger radiology community. We are intentional about both the work we take on and the choices we make to ensure the most collaborative partnership.



Our clients are covered by variably convenient teams of dedicated high-quality radiologists who take the time to build trust and rapport with our referring clinicians. Partnering with other parties to implement innovative technology and support services to enhance operational workflows allows us to advance overall efficiencies, customer support capabilities, and drive connected, comprehensive care for our customers.



A physician driven teleradiology business built on high-quality, clinically-useful radiology interpretations, our goal is to build a long-term rewarding, teleradiology practice for our physicians while providing outstanding patient care and exceptional service to our clients.



We work with our clients as an extension of their practice without displacing or undercutting existing radiology groups. Simply put, the strength and stability of our client relationships are more important to us than growth.



Superior quality and consistency are never sacrificed. What we do eliminate are executive salaries and private equity profits, making us highly cost-competitive across the industry. innovative AI, cutting-edge analytics, new & interactive technology, and support services to help strengthen and empower its operational workflow, TelecoRay is working collaboratively with other partners to enhance and improve the radiologist experience, further streamlining and reducing costs to our customers.



Through partnership with other parties, we are offering the best of our capabilities to provide an enhanced experience for our customers. Due to the interest in advancing the evolution of teleradiology, TelecoRay is intending to deliver the future of teleradiology, today.

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